Online conversation I nearly had today but didn’t quite, because, well, life’s too short. In fact, I spent years having variations of this conversation on Compuserve, Usenet, eGroups, Yahoogroups, Listserves et al. I achieved nothing, but somehow I’m still occasionally amazed by people who are still randomly either rude or stupid. Or both. I try very hard NOT to have this conversation on Twitter or Facebook but sometimes it requires enormous willpower.

Friend: I really like this TV show.

Me: I think the latest season of that TV show is the best.

Friend of a friend: How can you say that the latest season was the best? It was dreadful.

Me: Gosh, I guess I can say it because I have a different opinion to you. The clue was in the ‘I think’ bit, which indicated I was stating an opinion. Since you, however, omitted this clause I surmise that you are stating Absolute Truth. Which is a huge relief to me. I’ve always wondered where and how Absolute Truth is generated and now I know it’s IN YOUR BRAIN! Thanks. So now we’ve established that, some help please with a few things that have been REALLY bugging me – how should I vote? Who was the sexiest member of Abba? Which is better, Coke or Pepsi? I await The Truth with bated breath.

Duty calls