I am Scott Keegan Andrews, this is my website. I write books, plays, articles and reviews. I also make podcasts. I am represented by Oliver Munson at A. M. Heath.

I began writing professionally in my 30th year. I am writing this in my 50th year. I work on the perhaps optimistic principle that I will die or lose interest in working somewhere around my 80th year. This means I am about 20 years into a 50-year career. I reckon I’m doing okay so far, given that I’m not even a quarter done yet.

At any rate, this is what I mutter to myself whenever I consider how young Buddy Holly, Mozart and James Dean were when they died.

There is a wikipedia page about me. It has many omissions and contains much that is apocryphal, or at least wildly inaccurate. If you wish to amend it, feel free. I never edit it myself, feeling that somehow it would be egotistical to do so. Instead I have devoted an entire website to myself. This is not egotistical at all. Really.

I have a Facebook account, but please don’t be offended if I refuse your friend request. I like to keep my Facebook account for family and close friends. I used to do Twitter but it’s a dumpster fire now, so I stopped. The account is still there, but only to prevent squatters.

I look like this:

Me, looking dishevelled.

Posting photos of myself is also not egotistical. Fact.

I will write for money. I will also write for free, but only if you make a donation to the bank account of my choice (hint: mine). Call me crazy, but I prefer to feed my kids with food I have paid for with money I have earned, rather than with the air generated by repeated use of the phrase ‘but it’ll be great publicity!’.

I am unfailingly kind and patient to small children and animals. I make no promises in respect of my conduct towards adults and monsters.

I very occasionally blog about my day job. Sorry. When I do this, please bear in mind that none of the views published here necessarily reflect the views of my employers, publishers, family, friends, pets, children et al. I mean, they might do, I haven’t asked them, but best take it as read that they disagree violently and think me, frankly, a bit of an embarrassment. It’ll be safer for everyone that way.


January 2013 – To mark the launch of School’s Out Forever, Simone Thorogood interviewed me for Loaded’s late night book show – my first TV appearance (as an adult).

October 2012Interview with Death, Books and Tea about my favourite scary stories

September 2012Interview with my Bookish Ways about the release of School’s Out Forever

February 2011 – Podcast – I talk to Scrolls about breaking into writing

July 2010Jenni Hill, my editor at Abaddon, interviews me about Children’s Crusade in a Soho gutter. I had chronic bronchitis at the time and was high on all sorts of interesting painkillers. You can kind of tell…

June 2010Second interview with Pornokitsch blog

January 2010 – Interview with Pornokitsch blog – Part 1 | Part 2

October 2008Interview with Mass Movement Magazine


My first blog, Stuff and Nonsense, went online at at www.sixesandsevens.net in 1999. I finally gave that domain up in 2010.

My second blog, Eclectica, which lived at www.eclectica.info for seven years, was originally set up in 2004 to support my weekly online radio show. The radio station died soon after I began broadcasting on it (quiet at the back, there!) but the site was reversioned as a blog and general gallimaufry.

Migrating Eclectica from Textpattern V1 to WordPress proved impossible, so I took an archive and nuked it, beginning afresh in this brave new domain. Third time lucky


I pinched the following disclaimer wholesale from that nice Mr Scalzi.

Everything on the site is my opinion (except comments written by others, which are their opinions). I have strong opinions. At times, you may not agree with these opinions, or how I choose to express them. This is not my problem.

I make no claims as toward being even-handed, fair, or nice. I write what I want here. Your being offended is not a reason for me to stop writing as I choose.

I run this site as I please. You do not get a vote. If you try to suggest that you do, I may be rude to you.

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  1. I just finished your series School’s Out Forever and really enjoyed it, especially the ending. I just hope that when the movie producers come calling, you don’t let them put a sappy Hollywood ending on the film. Thanks again for a great read.

  2. I just finished the series too. I absolutely loved it — every minute of it — emotions running high and low. Thanks. As Kathy Bates said to James Caan in the movie version of Misery; “I’m your number one fan!” LOL. Seriously though, I can’t wait to read what else you’ve got going!

  3. No email so I’ll leave a comment — hugely enjoyed ‘School’s Out’ and have ordered ‘Operation Motherland’. Can’t believe it’s not more widely known and I hope it soon will be. Ofc, I could be biased since I too attended boarding school and by coincidence the ringleader of the bullies in my year was a sadist called ‘Mac’. But I don’t think so. Apart from the sheer writing and the rare British flavour it’s full of insights into history and how society works — including, that alpha-thugs *can* have their uses (wish I’d known that back in the 80s, I think it would have been a slight consolation!)

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