Farscape Rewatch

Back in the dim and distant I wrote a book all about a TV show called Farscape – Uncharted Territory.

That book covered the first three seasons of the show and was commissioned by Virgin Books just as the SciFi Channel in America announced they’d be making seasons 4 and 5, so I was confident the book would get a second edition.

Unfortunately, it was published THE EXACT DAY SciFi announced the show was in fact being cancelled. Virgin responded by remaindering my book pretty much instantly. (I shouldn’t complain — one friend of mine had his Smallville episode guide recalled and pulped after three days on the shelves!)

Ten years later, I’ve reclaimed the rights from Virgin and have just started running a revised edition of the book as a weekly blog over at tor.com. I’ll be covering one episode a week and this time I’ll cover the fourth season and the mini-series that wrapped things up. I won’t be re-posting the blogs here, I’ll keep them exclusive to tor.com, but I’ll promote them here from time to time.

So if you’ve never seen Farscape – and it’s just come out as a blu-ray and DVD box set, and is available on Netflix in the US – or if you’re a longstanding fan eager for an excuse to watch it all over again, please come join in the fun.

Blog 1 – Calling All ’Scapers! An Introduction to the Farscape Rewatch
Blog 2 – Farscape Rewatch: “Premiere”