New and imminent

In progress

  • Finessing the dialogue, mission briefs and cut scenes for this:

  • Writing up my notes on the first draft of the screenplay based on School’s Out
  • Trying to come up with a good short story for an anthology that asked me contribute – two weeks left and I have an inkling of a piece, but am wrestling with whether it’s too dark for me to put out there, or whether I can even pull it off…
  • Pitching an audio drama for my fave franchise – my first pitch was rejected, but the door’s still open (I think/hope/pray)

Plus, you know, buying my first house, working 9-5, raising two kids, all that jazz. All of which may explain why I’m so puffed out that the new novel remains stalled at 20,000 words – for now. Fret not, it will get done. Next year, probably.

If only I could NOT be a writer, life would be so much easier! But somehow I just don’t know how not to write things, dammit.

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  1. Vworp Vworp is adorable. Plus, one more thing to add the stack of Stuff Scott WILL Eventually Sign When I Track Him Down.

    (That comment got very scary, very quickly.)

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