I was christened Scott Keegan Andrews.

My middle name was chosen with care. It means ‘son of the little poet’ apparently, and since my dad’s a songwriter he deemed it appropriate. I think it’s kind of neat.

However, the Keegan was a bone of some contention at school, as everyone who discovered it henceforth called me Kevin. This annoyed me*, so I kept it quiet.

Unfortunately, as the whole world has piled online I’ve found that Scott Andrewses are ten-a-penny. My issues with my email address – which receives at least one misdirected missive for another Scott Andrews a week – alerted me to this problem.

By the time I decided to unify my online identity, I simply couldn’t be Scott Andrews – they were all taken.

So my Twitter, blog, Facebook, Goodreads, Soundcloud and even my LinkedIn presences now all proclaim me Scott K. Andrews. And in the interests of making me findable that is, as of today, my official pen name, kind of like Philip K. Dick or Iain M. Banks**.

The new regime will begin imminently, with a short story coming out next month (yet to be announced – stay tuned!) Following that, everything I publish will have added K.

I will even use my super powers to rewrite the past – the omnibus edition of my Abaddon trilogy will have the K, whereas the originals didn’t.

So there you have it. Scott Andrews is dead, long live Scott (K.) Andrews!

* Understatement.
** But not really.

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  1. As one of many Anne Perrys (including, y’know, that Anne Perry), I feel your pain. So my Official Business name is Anne C. Perry – C for Claire; I know you’re curious. But I gave myself up a new name for my makey-uppy writing stuffs, because it turns out there are loads of Anne C. Perrys publishing stuff out there, too.


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