I’m all over Outpost Skaro like some kind of Time-Rash:

Outpost Skaro review Highlander: The Four Horsemen
The writers also do an excellent job… I really enjoyed this… 8/10

Highlander - The Four Horsemen box set coverOutpost Skaro subject me to… no, not the Mind Probe!
The element of surprise is vital. These are characters about whom the audience think they know everything – showing that they don’t, and making that believable and exciting, was key.

Outpost Skaro subject James Moran to… no, not the Mind Probe!
Of Scott’s, I think the entirety of All the King’s Horses is our jewel in the crown, it’s so surprising, stunning, horrifying and tragic, I love it. That final scene (and final line) give me chills.

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