These books form a complete trilogy, following a group of characters from a public school as they struggle to survive after a plague wipes out most of mankind.

School’s Out Forever collects all three novels, the short story The Man Who Would Not Be King, as well as interviews, the original School’s Out pitch, and its original, unpublished prologue.

It’s not easy being a kid. But when almost everyone and everything you knew is dead, school may be the only thing keeping you alive.

With most of the world’s population now wiped out, the surviving pupils of St Mark’s School for Boys and Girls must defend themselves against cannibalistic gangs, religious fanatics, a bullying prefect with a taste for crucifixion, and even the remnants of the US Army.

Mixing Lord of the Flies with The Hunger Games, School’s Out Forever is the latest omnibus from The Afterblight Chronicles. Scott K. Andrews’ St Mark’s Trilogy books are a visceral, terrifying trio of stories that brings a new twist to the post-apocalyptic dystopia – all viewed through the eyes of children.

With the first in the series already optioned for a movie with Multistory Films, this new omnibus collects the complete trilogy and is packed with strong characters, action, and a truly killer concept.

“The Hunger Games for grown-ups.” Pornokitsch 

“A brilliant novel that works on many levels.” British Fantasy Society

School’s Out Forever is one of the most memorable, most impressively written pieces of fiction I have ever had the fortune to read, simply inspired.” (Book of the Year)