January 2013 – To mark the launch of School’s Out Forever, Simone Thorogood interviewed me for Loaded’s late night book show – my first TV appearance (as an adult).

October 2012 – Interview with Death, Books and Tea about my favourite scary stories

September 2012 – Interview with my Bookish Ways about the release of School’s Out Forever

March 2011 – I interview Boris Akunin about his writing

February 2011 – Podcast – I talk to Scrolls about breaking into writing

July 2010Jenni Hill, my editor at Abaddon, interviews me about Children’s Crusade in a Soho gutter. I had chronic bronchitis at the time and was high on all sorts of interesting painkillers. You can kind of tell…

June 2010Second interview with Pornokitsch blog

January 2010 – Interview with Pornokitsch blog – Part 1 | Part 2

October 2008Interview with Mass Movement Magazine